Testimonials For Brandes & Associates, P.C.

Here are some quotes from our clients and affiliates:
"Everything happens for a reason. Leta Brandes and associates went above and beyond to better our lives. We are thankful that we have them in our lives and everything they did for us."
Former clients, S.H.
"Leta is the most caring GAL that I have ever worked with. In my fourteen years as a foster parent, Leta and her staff are always willing to go the greatest effort to meet the needs of the children and the foster parent." by D. N., Foster Parent
"Leta was awesome! It was our one lawyer against 4 other lawyers, and she still won the case! Totally a miracle! Thank you!!" by M
"Leta has been there for us through both of our adoptions, which were very complicated, and now we have 2 lovely children as a result of her hard work! Thanks!" Signed M.S.
"Leta's the GAL? It'll be taken care of then." , FASD Program staff, 17th Judicial District
"I've worked with and taught GALs for many years. Leta stands out above all the rest because she combines the ability to be caring, thorough, and at the same time a formidable advocate for the needs of the children she represents.", Eileen Bisgard, Director FASD Program, 17th Judicial District
"Nice loving people that take care of you and love you so much you won't ever want to let them go - I love them."
19 year old, female, emancipated foster child, with the strength in spirit to overcome abuse and neglect by her family to become the vibrant and wonderful young adult she is today. We are confident she will succeed in life and will spread her light far and wide.
"Life is too short to wait for everything to happen. Champions are made...not born. So make life happen for yourself and write your own destiny."
19 year old, male, emancipated from foster care, involved in a dependency and neglect case for years. Today, he is attending college and working two jobs. He is a remarkable young man and we are confident he will accomplish so much in his life.


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